The books I read in 2020

opened book
 What doesn’t kill us  Scott Carney
 The oxygen advantage  Patrick McKeown
 The obstacle is the way  Ryan Holiday
 How not to diet  Michael Greger
 Ego is the enemy Ryan Holiday
 Meditations  Marcus Aurelius
 The subtle art of not giving a f*ck  Mark Manson
 Love is not enough  Mark Manson
 Stillness is the key  Ryan Holiday
 The hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy  Douglas Adams
 The power of habit  Charles Duhigg
 The compound effect  Darren Hardy
 Maybe you should talk to someone  Lori Gottlieb
 Breath  James Nestor
 Fiber fuelled  Will Bulsiewicz
 The places that scare you  Pema Chodron
 Love it forward  Jeff Brown
 The collapse of parenting  Leonard Sax
 Endure  Alex Hutchinson
 Healthy as f*ck  Oonagh Duncan
 Run for your life  Mark Cucuzzella
 Running with Sherman  Christopher McDougal
 The magic of awareness  Anam Thubten
 Happy is the new healthy  David Romanelli
 Origins  Neil deGrasse Tyson
 The craving mind  Judson Brewer
 Liminal thinking  Dave Gray
 North  Scott Jurek
 Inward  Yung Pueblo
 Nutrición esencial  Estela Nieto
 Mindfulness in plain English  Bhante Henepola Gunaratana
 Fitness revolucionario  Marcos Vazquez
 The Wim Hof method  Wim Hof

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