The books I read in 2021

open book on white surface
 Greenlights  Matthew McConaughey
 The Practicing Stoic  Ward Farnsworth
 La Revolución de la Felicidad  Guadalupe de la Mata
 The Wim Hof Method (*)  Wim Hof
 The Mental Toughness Advantage  Douglas Comstock
 How to Train Your Mind  Chris Bailey
 The Art of Simple Living  Shunmyo Masuno
 Willpower  Roy F. Baumeister
 Above the Clouds  Kilian Jornet
 Atomic Habits (*)  James Clear
 Moonwalking with Einstein  Joshua Foer
 The Happy Health Plan  David Flynn
 Everything is F*cked (*)  Mark Manson
 Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  Neil Degrasse Tyson
 Born to Run (*)  Christopher McDougall
 I Hate Running and You Can Too  Brendan Leonard
 Sixty Meters to Anywhere  Brendan Leonard
 Make Your Bed  William H. McRaven
 The Way Home  Mark Boyle
 The Uninhabitable Earth (1)  David Wallace-Wells
 10% Happier  Dan Harris
 Antifragile (2)  Nassim Nicholas Taleb
 Natural Born Heroes (*)  Christopher McDougall
 Why We Run  Bernd Heinrich
 Pale Blue Dot  Carl Sagan
 The Sixth Extinction  Elizabeth Kolbert
 Man’s Search For Meaning  Viktor E Frankl
 Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind  Yuval Noah Harari
 Hold on to Your Kids  Gordon Neufeld
 The Cloudspotter’s Guide  Gavin Pretor-Pinney
 Hyperfocus  Chris Bailey
 Cosmos  Carl Sagan
 Slow Down  Rachel Williams
 When the Body Says No  Gabor Mate
 Hello, Habits  Fumio Sasaki
 So Good They can’t Ignore You  Cal Newport
 The Plant-Based Athlete  Matt Frazier
 Nudge  R Thaler, Cass Sunstein
 The Mindful Day  Laurie Cameron
 Courage is Calling (**)  Ryan Holiday
 Show Your Work  Austin Kleon
 The Molecule of More  D. Lieberman/M. Long
 The Backyard Adventurer  Beau Miles
 Habits of a Happy Brain  Loretta Graziano
 Brief Answers to the Big Questions  Stephen Hawking
 Don’t Believe Everything You Think  Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
 Quiet  Susan Cain
 Run or Die  Kilian Jornet
 Why We Get Sick  Ben Bikman
 The Obstacle is the Way (*)  Ryan Holiday
 Meditations (*)  Marcus Aurelius
 Training Essentials for Ultrarunning  Jason Koop

* Re-reading
** Read it twice back-to-back, and then again later.
1 I couldn’t finish it because the realities (and inevitability) of climate change were just too depressing.
2 Unfinished. Too dense.

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